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Quality Control

        Comprehensive Training

        Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of electrical work and familiar with every facet of the business.  We provide ongoing training as a continuous commitment to providing quality work.

        Training programs include:

        • Installation technology
        • CPR and First Aid
        • OSHA and HAZ COM
        • Safety policies and procedures
          ... and constantly remain abreast of compliance regulations.

        As a result, we keep costs down and fully guarantee all our work.  We ensure 100% quality through our TRIAD CHECKPOINT SYSTEM.  Just as the triangle is known for its strong, three point configuration, our three stage checkpoint ensures quality the first time. The electrician completing his work goes through our copyrighted checkpoint matrix. The foreman reviews the work and the on-site follow up is handled by our project manager. We believe the strength of any guarantee must be based on the quality of the work, the materials and commitment to craftsmanship.

        The TRIAD CHECKPOINT SYSTEM reduces downtime with quality electrical work completed the first tip

        Premium Quality In Electrical Contracting

        There is no alternative to the finest quality in electrical work. There's too much on line to risk less than C & H quality and dedication. You can experience a high level of comfort and confidence in your next electrical project by bringing C & H Electric into the process.  And we have many customers who will be happy to confirm that.

        Contact Us or call today to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs, 203-754-3231